The Open Bible (New King James Version) Completely Revised And Now Featuring 4,500 New Study Notes

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Product Overview

With more than 5,000,000 copies in circulation, The Open Bible is the most recognized name in study Bibles. For over 20 years this accessible Bible has helped readers explore the Scriptures with tons of great information and study helps. Now this revised and enlarged edition offers even more outstanding features.

In addition to all the classic features of this popular Bible, over 4,500 information-packed notes located at the foot of Bible text pages make this the first ever annotated Open Bible. Also, 300 new word studies, keyed to Strong's Concordance, are located within the Biblical Cyclopedic Index. New easy-to-read typesetting with new page design and great graphics make using The Open Bible more rewarding than ever.

The Open Bible is time-tested and highly respected because of the powerful features that enable readers to unlock the Scriptures. An easy-to-use 8,000-subject Biblical Cyclopedic Index, in-depth book introductions and outlines, Visual Survey of the Bible, Christian's Guide to the New Life outlines, word studies, study notes, maps and charts, and hundreds of pages of Bible study helps make The Open Bible an excellent choice for new Christians, teachers, pastors, and anyone who wants to explore the Bible in depth. With over 25% more study materials and an exciting new graphic design, this new edition will also be a welcome addition to the Bible study resource libraries of those who already own Open Bibles.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review