The Ultimate Jazz Tool Kit

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Product Overview

The Ultimate Jazz Tool Kit gives students confidence as they enter the enchanting world of jazz music.

The Ultimate Jazz Tool Kit: Tricks of the Trade is a holistic learning tool that will save educators valuable time and provide them with concrete assessment materials that prove their students success. The Ultimate Jazz Tool Kit: Tricks of the Trade includes a compilation of the jazz tools, practice habits, and concepts that have consistently developed superior music, students, and jazz improvisers.

The Ultimate Jazz Tool Kit: Tricks of the Trade:

  • Includes access to an enhanced online learning package that provides students, educators, and private-lesson instructors with lessons that specifically tackle a students deficiency (including writing rhythms, understanding harmony, writing chord symbols, sight reading, how to practice, etc).
  • Features interactive jazz flashcards covering jazz terminology, chord/scale relationships, polycords/extended chords, and scales and modes that provide instructors and students with gamelike drill work.
  • Each section of the book provides material designed to get up and over major plateaus at different stages of musical development.
  • Examines song writing basics, tune memorization, and helps the reader understand the musical colors they are hearing in a solo, a piano voicing or chord progression
  • Features 35 videos of intriguing video lectures and guided instruction.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review