Transportation (with InfoTrac) (Available Titles CengageNOW)

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John J. Coyle;Edward J. Bardi;Robert A. Novack

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This text is intended to help students understand both the fundamental role and importance of transportation in companies and in our society, and the complex environment in which transportation service is provided today. The authors take a managerial approach to teaching transportation concepts and issues, providing students the tools to adapt to this fast-paced and rapidly changing industry. The text is organized into three parts. Part I contains two chapters, Transportation, the Supply Chain and the Economy and Transportation Regulation and Public Policy. In these two chapters the role and importance of transportation in the supply chain management and the economy are explored along with an overview of transportation regulation and public policy. Part II addresses the traditional modes of transportation including special carriers and global transportation. There are six chapters that examine the fundamental economic and operating characteristics of each mode along with special carriers and global transportation. Part III discusses transportation management from both the shipper and carrier perspective. The five chapters give attention to transportation costing and pricing, carrier strategy, information management and technology, and shipper transportation management strategy and process.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review