Where Shall We Go For Dinner?: A Food Romance

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Tamasin Day-Lewis

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A scrumptious umpteen course gastromance. I gobbled every word.' Richard E. Grant Sharing a good dinner is one of the chief pleasures of life. This is a year of travel and culinary discovery, part memoir, part love story, but the glue that holds it together is food, a shared passion, if not obsession. Tamasin and her companion Rob set out with no real plan for the forthcoming year other than that each trip offers the possibility of perfection and discovery of something new. Whether investigating the food scene in San Francisco, sipping a cocktail in Venice, or walking down Sullivan St in New York to dine on fried chicken at the Blue Ribbon, they always set out in hope of the perfect dinner. They may find it at a small cafe in the hills of Santo Stefano Belbo in Piemonte, or snacking on falafel in a warm wad of pitta bread at Mamoun's, a hole in the wall in Greenwich Village. Sometimes they try too hard and don't find it at all, but even the disappointment is food for thought...and there is always tomorrow. Tamasin captures beautifully the sense of expectation and excitement, the atmosphere of each place and the shared pleasures of the table. This is a book to be savoured, enjoyed and lingered over.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review